Construction of solar trackers

Aresit builds solar trackers from scratch. We increase the efficiency of the photovoltaic installation!
We offer 3 models of two-axis trackers. Model T8, T12 and T15. This means, respectively, 8, 12 and 15 panels on the tracker structure.

Design of solar tracking system.

The best solar automation solutions in Poland. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience! Build your tracking system with us and increase the efficiency of clean energy production!

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2.5xMore electricity

Order your solar tracker from us!

The construction of the solar tracker takes up to 3 weeks from the date of order!

What makes our solar tracking system different?

The best solutions are built starting from the best components!


Tracking system

A solar tracking system that keeps your tracker correctly facing the sun. Thanks to this, we increase the energy yield from the very beginning!

czujniki tracker solarny.jpg


Panel tilt sensors, wind sensor or limit sensors? Our tracker has these solutions, in addition - an insolation sensor.

bezpieczenstwo ac i dc dla fotowoltaiki i trackerów solarnych.jpg

We care about your safety

Increased energy production forces the use of appropriate AC and DC protection.


The best components!

Each element used is of high quality, thanks to which your tracker will be maintenance-free for many years!

Solar trackers for photovoltaics

The solar tracker allows for up to 2 times more energy production than a standard solution!

Why a photovoltaic tracking system?

PV tracking systems are becoming more and more popular due to rising electricity prices.

Increased potential!

Thanks to the tracker, you will both increase and maximize the potential of your installation!

Maintenance-free operation

Automation and sensors make your installation produce electricity on its own.


Advantages of a solar tracker

Compared to traditional solutions, the tracker has many advantages.

solar tracker building.jpg

Increased installation efficiency

Fewer panels produce more energy!

Optimal production

Production from the morning until the very evening, not only at noon.

High ROI

Increased returnon investment in a world of rising electricity prices!

Tracker models

3 models of solar trackers #MadeInPoland

solar tracker building.jpg

Model T8

4kWp inverter

Solar tracker, the yield of which is from 20 kWh to 35 kWh per day, depending on the season, insolation and the place where it is located.

It obtains up to 40% of energy than a ground installation.

Call us and check which tracker is right for your energy needs!

solar tracking system.jpg

Model T12

6kWp inverter

Solar tracker with an area of up to 40m2.
The yield varies between 35 kWh and 55 kWh depending on weather conditions, installation location in the garden, possible shading.

Make an appointment with us for a free consultation, find out which tracker is right for you!


Model T15

8kWp inverter

Solar tracker with an area of up to 55m2 of PV panels. The daily yield of such a tracker varies between 55 kWh and 75 kWh depending on insolation, temperature and season.

This solar tracker is chosen by companies and people with high energy demand.

Make an appointment for a consultation, we will choose a tracker for you!

Everything in one place

What can your PV tracking system have?

Galvanized tracker frame
Galvanized + painted frame
Frame + PV panels
Frame + panels + assembly
Excavation + foundation
A comprehensive solution, with transport
I orderI orderI order

Optional or additional

Bifacial panels

Increased tracker production by up to 25% for single-sided PV modules.


Microinverters instead of one inverter. The microwave inverter is mounted next to each photovoltaic module

24/7 support

This is an additional option for companies, determined individually.

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