Aresit, Win with Us!

We build effective Solar trackers.
Our trackers are efficient, durable and reliable, ensuring customers get the most out of their solar panels!

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Build your independence with us

Rising electricity prices support energy independence! Invest today in a better tomorrow!

We increase the efficiency of the PV installation

Use the maximum potential of your photovoltaics. Our solar tracker will help with this!

We use the best components

Thanks to the best components, we give you the highest quality product!

Practical knowledge and experience

Every day we develop competences through work and practice!

Innovative design
We care about the planet


Solar trackers use sensors to detect the position of the sun and motors to adjust the angle and orientation of solar panels in real time.


The control system can be programmed to adjust the angle and orientation of the panels depending on various factors - time of day, season and installation location.


PV panels are mounted on a frame that is able to move in response to the changing position of the sun throughout the day.

The best solutions on the RES market

Trackers are the best solution for solar energy production!


Maximum yield from your photovoltaic system!


Optimum energy production all year round!


Maintenance-free operation for several years!


Our Solar Trackers

Now you already know our products!

Tracker T8Tracker T12Tracker T15
Tracker, with a total panel power of 3.4 kWp.
Panel area up to 30m2.
Tracker with a total panel power of 6.5 kWp.
Panel area up to 40m2.
8 kWp inverter
Solar tracker with an area of up to 55m2 of PV panels
PV Modules81215
Inverter5 kWp6 kWp8 kWp
UPSThis type of power supply is not only used for emergency power supply, but also protects against sudden power surges.optionaloptionaloptional
Remote controloptionaloptionaloptional
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Our customers' opinions

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5 / 5

I recommend the "Aresit" company to everyone, the team, despite their young age, is fully professional and competent, starting from consulting, through assembly and service.

4.5 / 5

I wholeheartedly recommend the Aresit team, a company like no other: professional service, installation, advice

5 / 5

The owner and the installer who visited me and my brother-in-law are people who know what they are doing, people with passion and such commitment that after today.

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Create your energy independence!

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