About the company and people!

Get to know us, our team and our approach to what we do, not only in Poland!

designing solar tracker.jpg

We design

We design steel structures for photovoltaics. Our projects include solar trackers and carports.

welding components.jpg

We build

After the design stage, it's time to build! We've been processing steel ever since! We cut, grind, paint and galvanize!

building solar trackers.jpg

We assemble

At this stage, we deliver all components of your installation to the final destination. We put it all together!

I order you!

Who we are?

A group of people with a common mission and goal!

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Aresit, Win with US!

Change the face of renewable energy with you!
We want to contribute to improving air quality and breathe clean air! Thanks to renewable energy, we can do it!

We are a member of BNI

The BNI Group, which enables us to establish business contacts and increase the range of our services. From the beginning, our company focuses on the recommendations of satisfied customers, which is the best form of advertising for us. We are glad that we can count on
Your support in our development. We thank you for your trust and hope that we can continue to provide you with the best services.
By choosing us, you choose experience and professionalism.

logo aresit.png

Our values

Get to know the values we follow every day. We try to be, above all, a human being for another human being. Simply, it is important to us!

Primum non nocere

"First do no harm." Thanks to renewable energy, we do not harm our planet!

Givers gain

Thanks to our approach to the client and what he gets from us, we enjoy great recommendations!


Family is everything in life" ~ Michael J. Fox
There is a family atmosphere inside the organization. Thanks to this, it is easier for us to build and create great solutions!

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